Our materials


All of our cast jewellery pieces are created from high quality Sterling Silver and Gold that comes from 100% recycled sources. 

Sterling Silver
All of our jewellery is made from high quality nickel free, sterling silver 925. Pure silver can be too soft for jewellery production as it can scratch easily and is therefore not as durable. Silver is therefore mixed with other metals  (alloyed) to create a stronger, more durable metal. Sterling Silver therefore consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals such as copper.

Like all metals, Sterling Silver will change over time with wear and exposure to the elements. The shine of your silver will soften and textures will mellow and develop a subtle shine. These changes are a natural characteristic of the materials and are not considered faulty.

Gold Plating and Gold Vermeil
All of our gold plated or gold vermeil pieces in either yellow or rose gold consist of a nickel free sterling silver base and have been finished with gold plating. Our gold plating and gold vermeil pieces consist of a minimum of 14k gold.

Gold plating and gold vermeil do wear away with time, often into an antiqued look, which we love. These changes are a natural characteristic of the materials and are not considered faulty. It is important to follow the care instructions to extend the life of your gold finish.

Solid 9k Gold
All of our LT LUXE pieces are crafted in solid 9k gold. All gold used is nickel free.


All diamonds used in Linda Tahija pieces are natural, untreated diamonds which are conflict free. We use both white diamonds and black diamonds in our pieces. Diamonds are extremely hard and durable and have the amazing ability to interact with light.

Passion / Guidance / Shields from negativity
Garnet helps to ignite ones passion for life. It helps to shield you from negativity on your journey. It is a stone of guidance.

Blue Sapphire
Clarity / Wisdom / Shields from negativity
Blue sapphires are symbolic of the heavens, with properties of clarity, healing and protection.

White Topaz
Clarity / Healing
White Topaz helps to gain clarity of your thoughts and intentions. It is a strong healing stone, offering extra energy.


Our artisans are paid a living wage & work in a safe environment


Our cast sterling silver & solid gold comes from recycled sources


Hypo-allergenic sterling silver & solid gold. Nickel-free